Empowered 5.0 Retrat with Mohanji

in Serbia (or online)

Empowered 1.0 to 4.0 programs were personally designed and delivered by Mohanji to allow people to recognise their true selves and to achieve mastery over their minds.

The next program in this series – Empowered 5.0 is going even deeper. Five days of transformative practices personally guided by Mohanji will take you beyond your boundaries, into a whole new dimension of consciousness. Each day is packed with powerful methods, practices and processes that will empower you to discover the Master in You.


18 – 24 October 2022 (residental)
19 – 23 October 2022 (online)


€ 795.-
– 6 overnights in a hotel accommodation
– 3 vegan meals a day
– program participation
– stationeries (notepad & pen)
– program T-Shirt
– recordings (3 months)

– two daily slots of LIVE sessions with Mohanji
– recordings (3 months)

Installment options are available for both retreat versions.


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