Yoga & Meditation Retreat in Tara National Park

10 - 17 July 2022 Yoga Retreat Serbia Tara NP

Retreat in Serbia

If you crave for some (re)connection with the nature and still didn ´ t explore the spectacular canyons, mountains and lakes of Serbia, then this retreat is like made for you. You ´´´ ll spend time away from urban centers, recharge your batteries with astonishing views, yoga, meditation and healthy vegetarian food.


9 – 16 July 2023
​27 August – 3 September 2023

Accommodation and Food:

Accommodation for this retreat is a mountain lodge, at 1100 m altitude inside the area of the National Park, making it a perfect starting point for exploring the Tara Mountain and its surrounding. The lodge is surrounded by unspoiled nature, around 30km away from any settlement. The interiors have been newly renovated. Simple, comfortable accommodation consists of single, double, and triple rooms. The single and double rooms have private bathrooms, and the three single rooms share one bathroom.
A dining room and common area are situated on the ground floor. There is also an outside sitting area.
Yoga meadow is just next to the house and basically the whole hill is „the backyard“.
You’ll have two buffet-style meals a day, freshly prepared by cook, made up mostly of local ingredients – local honey, fruits, vegetables and dairy.
For hikings please take some snacks with you.


Program & The Yoga Teacher:

Mornings are reserved for yoga and meditation practice, which will usually take around 2 hours. After the class you can enjoy a well-deserved freshly prepared brunch.
​Afternoons are filled with various activities – hikes around the National Park, visiting the most impressive view points or boat ride down Drina Canyon all the way to Bosnian town Visegrad.
Tara National Park has two beautiful lakes in its vicinity, as well as Drina River. All of these are great locations to do some kayaking, or just enjoy an easy day by a lake/river.  
In the evenings there will be another yoga and meditation session, dinner and free time.

Marija started practising yoga while still a university student. She had a chance to learn from many wonderful teachers from India, Nepal, Sri Lanka, USA, Turkey and Serbia, all of whom influenced her teaching style. She teaches Hatha Yoga, infused with elements of Iyengar and Vinyasa Flow, with an emphasis on proper alignment, breathing, and focus. For her, to touch the essence of asana practice is to move mindfully, to develop body awareness and learn how to listen to our bodies with kindness and understanding. Meditation is an essential part of her classes, and there’s always a guided sitting meditation at the end of each class, following the simple techniques of just observing what is – observing our breath and the sensations in our bodies. Apart from the obvious love for yoga, meditation and travelling, she finds a lot of joy in dancing, Haruki Murakami’s books, philosophy podcasts, Thich Nhat Hanh’s poems, avocados, Tibetan singing bowls, and randomness of any kind. 


€ 450.- per person in a triple room with private bath
€ 500.- per person in a double room with privathe bath
€ 600.- single room with shared bath

* 7 nights accommodation
* two meals per day
* all yoga and meditation classes 
​* tea and coffee on the premises
​* all the hikes

Not included:
* airport and other transfers
* kayaking
* boat ride
* personal expenses


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