Yoga Retreat in the Mountains of Slovenia

slovenia yoga retreats

During this transformative yoga week you ´´ ll enjoy fantastic nature, various yoga classes and delicious nutritious food for the body and soul. Additional to yoga at least twice a day there will be philosophy workshops, soundhealing, cacao ceremony and ecstatic dance. Optional you can join group activities like hiking, campfire, storytelling, swimming, sauna and more.


May 2023

Accommodation and Food:

The retreat centre is especially designed for retreats and seminaras of various groups and it is a place of sustainability, creativity and conscious living. The accommodation consists of twin and triple rooms, and 4-beds dorms,, with shared and en-suite bathrooms. Few rooms can be booked as single rooms as well. All types of accommodations have handmade oak beds and beautiful views. In the beginning of September it might be still a good weather to jump into the natural pool
The retreat centre is located 600m above sea level in the north east of Slovenia, with an unspoiled ecosystem. Due to permaculture and biodynamic techniques on hectars of cultivable soil and in the green house, you ´ ll be able to enjoy home grown delicious food, full of vitality (prana – life energy).
There are three organic vegetarian-vegan meals a day prepared by resident cook, served buffet style. Herbal teas (including own organically grown and mixed blends), coffee and chai can be purchased in the retreat-café.

Yoga, Program and the Yogateacher:

Anastasia Tchistiakova studied medicine and phisiotherapy and has more than 15 years of experience with yoga. She is a certified teacher and yoga teacher trainer, as well founder of the Natural Flow Yoga Centre in Amsterdam. She used to be a professional dancer and dance teacher in the fields of ballet and contemporary dance.
Natural Flow Yoga is not only a yoga centre, it´ s a practice and philosophy too: it ´ s our own, unique movement through space and time that comes to us naturally and helps us to move to the next stage wherever and whenever that might be. Aligning with this natural flow through yoga is a step to find way to freedom.
During this retreat there will be more styles of yoga twice a day, like Ashtanga Yoga, classical Hatha, Power, Restorative, Yin and Vinyasa Yoga. You ´ ll be introduced to Yoga in your own pace (if you are a beginner) or you can bring your Ashtanga Yoga practice on a next level. Additional to yogaclasses you can support your experience with guided self reflection and journaling.


€ 850.- (later € 1000.-) per person, in a 4 person room
€ 1000.- (later € 1150.-) per person, in a 3 person room
€ 1150.- (later € 1300.-) per person in a double room
€ 1400.- (later € 1550.-) single room

– 7 overnights in a beautirul accommodation
– daily vegetarian-vegan breakfast, lunch and dinner
– 2x daily yogaclass
– all other workshops according to the program
– transfer from Ljubljana airport (depending on arrival)


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