List Your Retreat, Venue or other Event for free

Listing of your retreat, workshop or seminar in one of the Balkan countries or beyond is absolutely for free and you don´t need to do anything, except send me some photos (of course with photo rights) and text if you like. Yogalovin ´´´´Retreats Balkan & Beyond uploads all necessary informations about your retreat with the possibility of contact through a contact form, which will be directly forwarded to your email address upon the inquiry of a client.

Except events, you can also let list your retreat venues, locations, seminar or workshop – not only connected to yoga. Retreats listed on this blog-guide and website are yogalovin´ but all other topics or seminars are welcomed and highly appreciated.

Additionally, there is an option for further occasional free advertisement at Yogalovin´Retreats Social Media Channels (if you like):
– Facebook page
– Facebook Travel, Retreat, Seminar Groups
– Twitter
– Instagram – with special designed Flyers
– Google – free postings
– seldom Pinterest / Linkedin
The advertisement on Yogalovin´Retreats Balkan&Beyond Social Media Channels takes place with the link uploaded on this site for your event. Example:

or in many Facebook groups for retreats, seminars, travel.
For better understanding I´ll send you a brochure upon request.

Example for a free advertisement on Yogalovin´Retreats B&B Instagram with a special designed flyer:


If the booking from a client coming from this website was successful, Yogalovin´Retreats in Croatia takes a small provision from the total package price or only from the seminar-price, according to individual agreements with retreat organizers. You´ll get all the cooperation conditions upon request.

Payed Advertisement at Yogalovin´Retreats Balkan&Beyond Sites:

* Interview – linked to your original website and you get (free) advertisement 1x per week at Yogalovin´ social media channels with the retreat-link uploaded at this blog (at least 3 social media channels: Facebook, Instagram and Twitter) up to 1 year before the retreat start.
178 €/year or 18 €/month
120 €/half a year or 24 €/month
79 €/3 months or 30 €/month

* Advertisement at this website keeping your retreat-link on the 1st page and advertising on at least three social media channels 1x per week (Facebook, Twitter, Google): 25 €/month – for a period of at least three months before the retreat start. Minimum booking for 3 months: 75 €.
What exactly does it include:
– special spot at this blog, linked to your retreat-link uploaded on Yogalovin´Retreats in Croatia
– free posts at YLRC social media channels with the same link (Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Linkedin, Google) 1x week for at least three months prior to your event.

Listing Your Retreat Venue

If you have a venue suitable for retreats or seminars in Balkan countries, Morocco, Italy, Portugal, Israel, Turkey and many other countries, the listing here is also for free, as well free advertisement in Social Media Channels if you like.
Only for a successful booking of your venue for retreat groups Yogalovin ´ Retreats takes a (small) provision, according to the individual agreement.

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