Festival of Womanhood in Croatia

This festival is a part of the World Womanhood Project, raising the stability of womanhood through a series of activities and events that bring lasting and meaningful transformation. When women of the world are empowered and transformed, the whole world will blossom through this change. The main topic of this event is the aspect of motherhood. What is the aspect of motherhood indeed? It is not (only) giving birth to children. At its first, motherhood is CREATION. Creation of a being, of a song, a book, a house and ALL creations of the world. It is nurturing, joy, contentment, femininity, vulnerability, intuition, strength, support and unity. It is the power that is within each and everyone of us, waiting to be awakened and be properly used.


8 – 10 April 2022


Klub Sumica, Sesvete (near Zagreb) and ONLINE


DAY 1: Friday, April 8

3.00 PM Welcome & Opening Ceremony
3.30 PM Panel + Q&A: Redefining Motherhood
5.30 PM Talk: Ingrid Newkirk-PETA founder, on the topic Womanhood and Speciesism
6.00 PM Conscious Dancing with Devi Mohan
7.30 PM Networking

DAY 2: Saturday, April 9

11 AM Panel – Becoming aware of traumas and blockages on the path of creation
1 PM Networking
1:30 PM Journey to Inner Garden – guided process with Ivana Kalinić
3.45 PM Premier: Short movie „Lea“
4.00 PM Talks – Personal stories on overcoming traumas
5.00 PM Workshop with Martina Tišljar
6.00 PM Music session – Aklea Neon
7.00 PM Networking

DAY 3: Sunday, April 10

11 AM Panel – Living your true potential
1 PM Networking
1:30 PM Awaken Goddess in You – a guided process with Devi Mohan
3:45 Documentary film
4 PM Talks – Personal stories on achieving goals despite all obstacles
5 PM Workshop with Ana Žikić
6 PM Music session: TBA
7 PM Closing

Facilitators & Artists:

Devi Mohan is the Global Ambassador for Mohanji Foundation, Director and Senior Instructor (E-RYT 200) of the Himalayan School of Traditional Yoga (HSTY), and Global President of ACT Foundation, an internationally active charity registered in more than 20 countries. Through her inspirational speeches, she aims to touch the hearts of people and serve the cause of peace through active expression of love and expansion of consciousness.

Ingrid Newkirk is the founder of People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA) India and president of PETA US – the largest animal rights organisation in the world. She grew up in India, where she was inspired by its culture of kindness to animals, before moving to the United States and founding PETA US in 1980. She is the author of more than a dozen books that have been translated into several languages, including Animalkind: Remarkable Discoveries About Animals and Revolutionary New Ways to Show them compassion. She’s been the subject of two documentaries: the BBC’s Ingrid Newkirk: The Naked Revolutionary and HBO’s award-winning: I Am an Animal.

Ana Žikić Burtscher studied at the Faculty of Medicine, University in Belgrade and Specialist academic studies in the field of Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation. She is a Doctor of Traditional Chinese Medicine, an acupuncturist and classical homeopath from the London International College of Homeopathy. Her work is based on health prevention, improving the people’s quality of life and health of the patient, including medical Qigong and Acukin conept which combines Chinese Medicine and 13 Moons 28 Days Calender.

Ana Divac is an actress, graduated from the Academy of Drama Art in Belgrade, Serbia. In 1989, she moved to the U.S.  where she was running several successful businesses and in 2004 got the award for „Most Successful Business Woman“ on the West Coast. The Ana and Vlade Divac Foundation was created with an initial focus on addressing the problem of refugees and internally displaced persons, still living in collective centers throughout Serbia, some as many as 15 years after fleeing their homes. In addition to supporting refugees and displaced persons, the Foundation is dedicated to creating better conditions for upbringing children and young people, the development of philanthropy in Serbia and social entrepreneurship.

Ida Prester is Croatian entrepreneur, media presenter and singer-songwriter of the bands Lollobrigida, Frau Casio and MAiK. With the band Lollobrigida she became one of the most successful electro-pop girl-leading bands in the region. She is also known for publicly advocating for the rights of the LGBT+ population strongly supporting the idea that same-sex couples should not be denied the right to parenthood. She supported the #beingbetter campaign aimed at increasing tolerance towards people of different sexual orientations. She is also a part of project “She is more so much more” with the goal of emphasizing uniqueness and value of each woman.

Aklea Neon  is a travelling musician from Croatia, one woman band and eco-conscious activist. She uses her life experiences she gained from traveling as an inspiration in her work. Contagious Afro sound and melodic vocals with mantric ethno breaks are putting Aklea Neon in the spotlight as one of the brightest aspiring artists of the year in Croatia. Aklea had the honour to be selected for Femme Nouvelle compilation and to stand voice to voice with the most well known singersongwriters in Croatia. In 2022, Aklea released her debut studio album „Dođi na joji“.

Pien Oosterman from the Netherlands is a successful businesswoman, who after dropping out of medical university worked in different jobs as ski-instructor, waiter in a restaurant, receptionist, office manager and marketing/sales assistant and later found many exciting challenges in the IT industry and worked as CEO of Levi9. Her most important drivers are independence, friendliness, respect, responsibility. Her strongest beliefs: Most people are good. Everybody thinks he/she does what is right.

Parizad Mazda is a Holistic, Integrative and Counselling Psychologist and an internationally certified and experienced Yoga and Meditation Teacher. She specializes in the field of Early Childhood Trauma, Addictions, Post Traumatic Stress Syndrome, Personality Disorders, and in various healing modalities. She is a firm believer in employing an integrative, compassionate and embodied approach to healing. This may involve combining the mind, body and soul, science, medicine, ancient wisdom, and astrology to help each soul evolve and transform on their unique life journey. Parizad is particularly passionate about championing ‘Women’s’ Empowerment’, and awakening and honouring the ‘Divine Feminine’ in each soul.

Martina Tišljar is an internationally acclaimed EFT coach, advanced EFT practitioner and “Matrix reimpritning using EFT” practitioner. EFT is her greatest passion and this technique, amongst all others she practices, is the one she prefers. Martina is also recognized as an angel whisperer. She became a practitioner of the various acclaimed methods such as Picture Tapping Technique, evidence-based EFT, the school or work by Byron Katie, ACE Flow, NLP, Hipnosis, life coaching and many more.

Sanela Feković is a psychologist from University of Durham, England, and an accredited systemic family therapist (Family Constellations by Bert Hellinger), specialising in bodywork and trauma work. For more than 13 years, Sanela has been working individually and in groups(in Serbia, Croatia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Montenegro and Italy. She is the author of Dance of the Shadows (orig. Ples senki) – a free form dance method – which she started in 2011. Furthermore, she has been studying the Rosen method – conscious touch bodywork – since 2014, and she is currently finishing her practical year. She spent more than 15 years abroad, gaining cross-cultural experiences and knowledge that she readily combines in her work approach.

Ivana Kalinic acquired her formal education as an Attorney at Law. Deep spiritual quest led her to Mohanji, a philanthropist and spiritual teacher, who initiated her into MTM (Mohanji Transformation Method) and later into MFMP (Mohanji Future Mapping Process) techniques. Being a practitioner of these techniques gives her deep insights into challenges that people encounter on their individual soul journeys and also tools and unique ways of overcoming such hurdles. Ivana is very dedicated to volunteer work and activities that add value to the world. In 2019, she became Mohanji Acharya, a practitioner who is authorised to spread Mohanji’s teachings and techniques worldwide.

Natalija Mejandžieva is a musician from Macedonia. She sings and plays piano, acoustic guitar and bass guitar. For several years she took lessons in solo singing, where she practiced her voice through opera. She is a part of a female pop-band named D Chicks. When she sings, she speaks from the heart as deeply connected to her true self. While practicing music, a new colorful world opens up. Music is the universal language that everyone understands. Her wish is to inspire more women to express their highest potential, doing what they are born to do.


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