Yoga & Floating Retreat on the Dead Sea

Photo by Eli Levit on Unsplash

The Dead Sea region is the world’s oldest natural spa, combining powerful therapeutic elements, stunning natural beauty and compelling ancient history. Situated at 420 m below sea level, this hyper-saline lake contains a high concentration of minerals such as magnesium, calcium, bromide and potassium which nourish the skin and relax the nervous system. During this retreat you ´ ll have morning and evening yogaclasses and floating treatments and meditations.


30 October – 3 November 2022
6 – 10 November 2022
13 – 17  November 2022
20 – 24 November 2022
27 November – 1 December 2022
4 – 8 December 2022
11 – 15   December 2022
18 – 22 December 2022

Accommodation and Food:

In an unique resort, located on a cliff in the heart of the Judean desert, you can book single and double rooms, as well rooms for smaller or larger groups.. All the rooms are air-conditioned, minimalistic with a touch of a beduine style. Each room has its own shower and toilet, mini-refridgerator, coffee corner, sheets, towels, soap and shampoo. Round yoga space with its panoramic view of the Moab Mountains is surrounded by untouched vastness, stillness and silence of the desert spiritual power.

Yoga, Floating & The Yoga Teacher:

Deep Floating techniques which can be practiced during this retreat, are offered nowhere else in the world. Floatation provides benefit above and beyond a more simple form of relaxation. Research shows that after only one hour of floating, the average nervous system, in a chronic state of anxiety and stress — can reset. Deep Floating therapies include Yoga, Mindfulness Meditation, Pranayama, Theta Brainwave and Watsu, all practiced in the supportive, warm, healing water.

Saul Mukhtar is a yoga teacher and experienced floating therapist. Daily you can join Iyengar Style yogaclasses: each asana is held for enough duration to create both alignment and precision in the physical body and stillness within the mind. With the mind calm and free from distraction, you can steadily drop into the NOW state, open up, absorb and harmoniously connect to the essence of the desert. During the retreat you ´ ll be able to experience as well:

DeepFloating Watsu – relax into a state of bliss as you are cradled, floated, stretched, massaged and rocked in healing waters. This unique bodywork therapy integrates stretching, muscle mobilization, massage, Shiatsu and dance.

Desert Meditation – Judean desert is the perfect place to meditate, free from movement, sound and distractions from the outside world.

DeepFloating Theta Brainwave Therapy – awareness of a state while drifting in and out of slee, listening to a unique sound-journey composed by Saul Mukhtar. You ´´ ll experience the Theta Brain Waves and the state known as hemispheric synchronization (the left and right hemispheres work together in a state of coherence).

DeepFloating Pranayama – you’ll listen to a guided Ujjayi breathing session through headphones. Ujjayi pranayama is known to deeply relax the body and mind, bring relief from anxiety, stress and hypertension, improve concentration skills and dramatically increase self-awareness and expanded consciousness.


€ 1100.-

– 4 nights accommodation
– freshly prepared meals: daily breakfast, dinner and a light afternoon meal
– coffee, tea, water at the retreat house
– morning and evening yoga classes
– floating at the Dead Sea private beach with showers
– sacred desert night gathering and meditation
– deep floating theta brainwave therapy
– deep floating mindfulness meditation
– deep floating yoga and pranayama
– deep floating watsu
– 1 desert safari to the wilderness of the Judean desert


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