Conscious Walks in Belgrade

Conscious Walking™ is a dynamic, guided walking meditation created by Mohanji, having its roots in ancient Vedic and Buddhist principles and practices. This simple yet very transformative technique is available free of cost and people can easily practice regardless of age. In Conscious Walking™, our eyes are locked down to one foot ahead of us, and our attention remains within our aura field, i.e. our energy field. Even though we are walking, with our eyes locked within our energy field, the energy loss is reduced. When our energy circulates within our own energy field, we become totally energized and rejuvenated. If properly done, a 30 minute Conscious Walking™ practice is as effective as a 3 hour meditation.


20 February 2022
27 February 2022

or Sundays 9 – 10 a.m.
(please register per inquiry and phone you´ll get upon inquiry)


Donji grad Kalemegdan, by the Charles VI Gate (Kapija Karla VI)


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