Awareness Intensive

In the Awareness Intensive, the traditional Zen method of sitting facing a wall is combined with modern communication techniques facing the other. In that way, through support of another’s presence, we open ourselves to our own resources, and greater perceptivity and understanding. This process can initiate core changes to your life.
A certain detox of the ´head and heart’, is a return to our own inner home, and grow into our relationships to the outside world, which include:

– healthy and balanced communication with others
– fresh and creative thinking
– authenticity in acting from the present moment
– the art of listening
– focus and deal with demanding situations
– an experience of inner assurance not dependent on the acceptance from the
– new outlook at personal history and discovery of resources and new

Using ‘self-inquiry’ and zen-koan, this process ignites your own and individual experience of yourselves, outside of concepts and ideas.


10 – 13 March 2022

Accommodation and Food:

Retreat accommodation is situated in Pavel Banya, a spa town at the foothill of the Balkan Mountains, known for its mineral hot springs. The city is located in central Bulgaria, 24 km from the city of Kazanlak and 180 km east of Sofia. You can book double or single rooms aswell small groups accommodations. The retreat is fully catered with breakfast, lunch and dinner.

Retreat Facilitators:

Rumen Yankulov has a master’s degree in consultative and clinical psychology. For over 25 years he has been involved in the field of personal growth, individual and group therapy. Has been been trained in Family Constellation, Emotional Release work, Breath Therapy, Counseling and Gestalt Therapy. In the course of several years he was part of the staff in a number of trainings in Family Constellation and Counselling with Svagito Liebermeister. He offers regular groups in Family Constellation and other methods.

Dražen Pramod Šivak is a theatre artist, actor and acting teacher, living in Zagreb, Croatia. He is trained in Awareness Intensive and Inner judge processes with Ganga Cording and Avikal Costantino, collaborating with them a number of years in China, India, Italy, Greece, Bulgaria, and elsewhere. Also, he is a certified hypnotherapist and member of the American Board of Hypnotherapy. Dedicated and devoted, Dražen approaches each client with respect and understanding, giving him space to discover his individual potentials by himself.


€ 200.- Seminar
from € 120.- Lodge


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