Tea Ceremony Retreat

Wake up with an impressive mountain view, connect and reconnect with forest and nature. Here you will get inspired and motivated, meet a coliving, coworking and educational centre where you can learn more about wellbeing, happiness and mindfulness, as well deepen your knowledge and experience. Beside Tea Practice and Ceremony this retreat may open your ability to see beauty in life (again) and experience higher states of perception through poetry, music, art, meditation and prayer.


31 October – 6 November 2022

Accommodation and Food:

The first retreat center in Georgia is a place to fall in love with.
It consists of wooden cottages, each with 2 double and 2 quadriple rooms. The rooms are located at the second floor of the cottages and at the ground floor, there is a fireplace with panorama windows.
Each room has a balcony, wardrobe, private bathroom with towels and toiletries.
Restaurant, large meditation and yoga halls are located close to the cottages.
The food is vegetarian and nutritious, prepared with fresh local and seasonal vegetables and fruits. Except Chinese tea, you can enjoy a very good quality coffee, blackberry tea, wild strawberries tea and one of the purest water of the area.
Spectacular views can be enjoyed from any spot of the retreat venue.

Retreat Facilitator:

Yu Gen is a tea ceremony practitioner with 16 years of experience. During this retreat you will have the possibility to learn about tea practice and participate in the tea practice and ceremony. Within this 7-days retreat you will get in touch with all of the senses:
– sight
– hearing
– touch
– smell
– taste
– proprioception
– and the sense of time
for a more complete, healthy and happy life.
Yu Gen will also conduct QiGong classes – the ancient Chinese healing technique, based on meditative movements and breathing.


from € 450.- per person in a quadriple room
from € 600.- per person in a double room

– 6 nights accommodation
– Tea Practice Seminar
– Qigong classes
– daily breakfast, lunch and dinner
– priceless moments with incredible people in amazing nature


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