1 Day Expedition Retreat by the Pyramid Mountain Rtanj

Discover and tap into your inner potential with old teachings, learning and collecting medicinal herbs, try shamanic drumming or firewalking and enjoy the intense, awakeining and beautiful atmosphere of a pyramid area Rtanj.
In addition to a carefully crafted workshop program, you can expect relaxation, unspoiled nature, laughter and authenticity in abundance, lovely likeminded people who want to deepen or learn new skills. You´ll be pampered with delicious mostly organic dishes.


9 June 2023

Accommodation and Food:

If you want to stay here for more than a one day, pansion Radgost with a natural swimming lake in front, consist of 10 apartments, located near the pyramidal mountain Rtanj, where you can make retreat on your own after the expedition to the mountain. The accommodation is basic and lovely in an eco-friendly setting, ideal to inspire yogis, philosophers, artists, intellectuals and most of all nature lovers. You´ll enjoy the benefits of living water, organic honey and food from their own organic garden.

Retreat Facilitators:

Neven Carin is healing practitioner working on spiritual energy, therapeutic counseling and alternative therapy. He uses the old shaman techniques and less known but powerfull places in Croatia and Balkan. His methods are: bio energy, Reiki, Shamanism, breathing techniques, meditation, Buddha-KI, Osho´s, the protection and removal of negative influences and spells, purification of objects, walking on coals at 1000 degrees and many more.

Dragan Mitrovic is vedic expert, mystic and one of the biggest knower of the mountain Rtanj. He is a well known herbalist. You´ll be able to learn something about the medicinal herbs of the mountain, collect them and enjoy your tea mixture.


from € 179.-


2 Antworten zu „1 Day Expedition Retreat by the Pyramid Mountain Rtanj”.

  1. yes for sure, and intensive…pure nature, mystic, healthy food cooked on fire


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